10+ Trendy Ways To Improve Floral Designs With Carnations

Let’s be honest, carnations typically aren’t high on the list of ideal flowers for floral design work. Unless you know how to use them, that is! I personally LOVE carnations, especially when they’re fully open and oh so fluffy.

In order to change your mind, inspiration of what can be is what I do best.

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It’s All About The Purple Carnations

Purple can sometimes be a difficult color to work with. It’s either too bright, too blue, or can be too casual for an important arrangement. These purple carnation arrangements are the perfect inspiration to expand your portfolio.

1. Campell’s Flowers | 2. Florigene Flowers | 3. Florigene Flowers | 4. Florigene Flowers

Less = More With Only Carnations

Designing with only carnations is a difficult task. There aren’t leaves to fill in between the stems, stems are typically top-heavy and are really easy to snap. Don’t let that intimidate you, designing with only carnations CAN be done! Here’s proof:

1. Bloomhouse Florist | 2. Green Wedding Shoes | 3. Pinterest

Pink And Red Carnations Gets A Redesign

Carnations can still make a statement, even if they aren’t the only flower in a design. In fact, they are often the anchor in a color pallete with red and pink being perfect examples. These inspirational arrangements may just be what’s needed for your next design.

1. Pinterest | 2. Pinterest | 3. Ruffled

Fall In Love With White Carnations

White carnations, what’s not to love? If you’re unsure about using carnations in a floral design, try using white carnations. They blend beautifully with similarly colored flowers and create a texture that can’t be created with any other variety.

1. Instagram (@il.fiore) | 2. Pinterest | 3. Vibeke Design

Carnations typically aren’t high on the list of ideal flowers for floral design. In order to change your mind, here's inspiration for what can be!

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