Don’t throw out those old cabinets. Your pets will thank you!

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Upon moving into our new home, we had to decide what to do with all of our animals. The chickens were easy: live in the garage until the new coop is built. Lucky birds have a 2 car garage all to themselves. I’ll admit, its gross. And thankfully far enough removed from the rest of the house that their lovely smell doesn’t waft through our living spaces. Don’t believe me that chickens smell? Just google it. I promise you won’t be let down!!

Our rabbit, on the other hand, has been living in our basement. She went from constant interaction with anyone and everyone who walked by her to be all alone in the basement unless we make a trip to feed her or do laundry. My little rabbit-mom heart has been feeling just a tad bit guilty that she’s been hanging out all alone. Her cage, currently, is a dog kennel and not the prettiest thing to look at. In order to address that, I decided to look into different rabbit hutch or cage systems and wasn’t in love with any of the store-bought options available. Enter Pinterest! *admit it, Pinterest is life*

After doing some searching, I became overly excited about what I found and how versatile the options were.

Have a dog? No problem! Move over black, cold dog kennels and enter furniture make-overs!

Have a lizard, guinea pig, or hamsters? All over that!

Have a rabbit? You guessed it!!!

My little rabbit-mom heart has been filled with such joy. The next adventure will be to find that perfect piece that can be transformed and added to our living space.

Mission: Accepted.

Don’t throw out your old cabinets. Upcycle them and your pet will thank you!
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