Even on a rainy day, our flea market finds are checking boxes off of our decor list. #PrimroseCreations #lovethelifeyoulive #fleamarketfinds #driveins

It’s flea market season and we couldn’t stay away!

It’s officially that time of year for flea markets, antique stores, and farmers’ markets. This past weekend we embraced this time of year by attending the first-ever flea market on Saturday at the Malta Drive-In in Malta, NY. It rained… and it was cold. but we made the best of it.

The best part about planning our trip to the flea market was hearing the older girls get excited. They were very eager to count their money just in case they found something they wanted. When you can take your kids to something like a flea market or antique store and they enjoy it, you’re doing something right! Both girls found items they wanted but after realizing they didn’t have enough money for what they wanted, the begrudgingly kept searching. It was a very difficult moment for me as a mom. I wanted to give them the¬†extra few dollars for their purchases but held myself back. It is important for them to understand that you only buy things you can afford. Sometimes that means you have to walk away and figure out another option. Life lessons are so hard but I keep telling myself that it’ll all be worth it.

While we were there, we purchased three items without really knowing where they’ll go. The first was a decorative birdhouse made out of old Texas license plates.

It's flea market season and we couldn't stay away!

It’s not able to be put outside because of its size but it’ll be a statement piece wherever it finds its forever home. I thought it was so cool and couldn’t walk away!

I then found an old military trunk hidden behind a table.

It's flea market season and we couldn't stay away!

Much to my surprise, they were asking $30 for it so we jumped at it. Turns out it was made in 1949 and similar items have sold for over $150. Not a bad purchase, if you ask me! I have a few ideas for where that will go, but only time will tell!

The final thing I came across was an old silver teapot. I’ve been on the hunt for a new teapot for months and have yet to find one I really really wanted. After finishing our trip through all the vendors, I couldn’t keep my mind off of that teapot. Chris’ father ended up buying it for me for Mother’s Day.

It's flea market season and we couldn't stay away!

This thing is so cool!! It comes with a warming stand so the water will stay hot. The base it sits on also allows the teapot to tilt without being picked up. I can’t wait to polish it and see what it looks like under all that tarnish!

Chris and I made an attempt at figuring out the value of the teapot but have not been able to find anything. It’s an Apollo EPC Bernard Rice’s Sons, Inc teapot that was made in the early 1900s. We really need to find a reputable appraiser to find out more. Regardless, it is amazing!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I failed at the one thing I wanted: to stay home and do nothing. I ended up taking my middle daughter to a local greenhouse to pick out flowers. When we got home, the girl’s flowerbeds were prepped by my oldest daughter and Chris. Letting them pick out where each flower and each seed were placed was rewarding. On the inside, I wanted to yell ‘it’s not symmetrical!’ But it’s not my garden, it’s theirs to maintain.

It's flea market season and we couldn't stay away!It's flea market season and we couldn't stay away!

They’ve woken up the last two morning excited to see the flowers out their bedroom windows. I also made two hanging planters and am so happy our porch they made the porch look more put together and the house looks more alive.

This week and weekend don’t look too promising for us to start any new projects. It’ll be a time to finish off some smaller items like stripping/staining our front door, painting our bedroom, and fixing the landscaping around the pool. I may even convince Chris to go to the Galway Flea Market on Sunday! Fingers crossed!

Even on a rainy day, our flea market finds check off a few boxes on our decor list. #PrimroseCreations #lovethelifeyoulive #fleamarketfinds #driveins

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  1. What an adorable drive in! We still have a couple here and I just adore them! And great finds – you just can’t beat a good flea market! What fun!

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