A moment of reflection: what a hike can reveal

It’s hiking season! That’s what I keep telling myself even though I don’t see it being a thing for a few more weeks. I haven’t been on a hike since I found out I was pregnant in September 2016. Last season flew by and now we have the pleasure of being outside every day possible working on projects around the yard. My goal is to still get a few hikes (mountains, hills, flat trails, they all count!) under my feet before the snow falls again.

A moment of reflection: what a hike can reveal
The beginning of the Pilots Knob trail

The last really good hiking season I had was back in 2015. I was turning 30 that year and decided to celebrate by completing 30 hikes before the year’s end. I got close, 27 in total. During that time, my mother was very ill, and being out on the trails was so therapeutic it became something I looked forward to every week. One specific hike stands out. To this day, I get excited when I think about it. I can’t wait to tackle it again. It might have to be a thing sooner rather than later so I can rid myself of the distraction.

This little piece of heaven was located on the far shore of Lake George, an area even most locals don’t travel to without reason. When I arrived at Pilots Knob, it had been raining for a while and I was concerned the creek bed would be flowing too much for the hike to be successful. Once I entered into the trees, I was blown away. The color variations in the forest that occurs after a long rain are something everyone needs to experience! The rocks were shiny and the foliage was so green.¬†The dirt¬†contrasting again the trees and grass is the best part of nature for anyone to experience.

A moment of reflection: what a hike can reveal
The trail was the creek bed most of the way up/down

When I reached the gazebo, which is the technical summit, I felt a little disappointed with the view. I knew it was on the opposite side of the lake from all the tourist attractions but I didn’t expect it to be the ONLY thing I saw. I tend to gravitate towards hikes where the view is all-natural. Little to no human interference makes the views magical and reminds you of what life looks like when it’s left to be wild. I love it!!

I decided to enjoy the sun for a bit and explored the area, only to find a wooden sign pointing to a waterfall. This wasn’t just a waterfall, it was a mini-gorge and it was beautiful! The trail continued over the water but it was too high and moving too fast for me to risk walking over. One of these days I find out what’s on the other side!

A moment of reflection: what a hike can reveal
Part of the waterfall in the background. It was too big to capture the whole thing.

Surprisingly, the only other people I saw were when I was just about off the trail. It was definitely a hidden gem of a trail.

Now here we are, three years later. A whole lot has happened in life over those three years. Every once in a while. taking a step back and reminiscing about something that gives you joy is the best way to reignite your passions. Life can be so crazy. It’s easy to put things off until it’s too late. Whether you’re fighting the weather or time, we only get to live this life once. Remember to make the best of it!

A moment of reflection: what a hike can reveal
The sunshine at the summit.

*This NY weather is a little confused these days. Fingers crossed for warm and dry weather for a little bit*

A hike is a journey in need of reflection

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