Hosta and mint plants

And then their were… hostas?

Today was the day! Tackle the overgrown flower bed day! Since the heat finally broke (who would have thought it’d be 90-ish degrees out at the end of September?) We took advantage of the nice weather to work on one of the flower beds that came with the house. Well.. We thought it was flowers! Turns out it was just an abundance of overgrown mint that ended up going to flower.

Hosta and mint plants

We decided to give it a chance to try again in the spring by cutting it back. Don’t worry! All that mint will grow back and may actually look awesome with a newly designed flower bed.

While cutting back, I became overly excited by the surprise find of some very very sad hostas. But their hostas!! With some love, they will be beautiful again!

Small hostas

We also came across garden ‘ornaments’ that made me giggle but definitely have got to go. We live in N.Y.,  beachy things just seem weird to me!

Crab garden statue

Cutting everything back opened up space and revealed an old bathroom that was removed when the garage was converted into a family room.

Cleared flower bed

Another find, another quirk to conquer!

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