Keep the growing season going by planting these flowers in August

With the heat of summer hot on your heels, you may be wondering how in the world you could keep growing flowers all through August. While everyone else is busy harvesting arm fulls of blooms or enjoying the view of their private garden, take advantage of the month to extend your growing season well into winter.

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Transplanting perennials is easy yet patience is needed. The best time to give them a new home is in either spring or fall. The cooler nighttime temperatures and warm temperatures during the day allow the roots to take hold before extreme temperatures take over. During the month of August, keep an eye out for these potted perennials:

If you’re looking for a quick color that will be worth the investment, look for cool weather annuals. These flower varieties can handle light to moderate frost and are perfect for an early winter pick-me-up. While marigolds can handle cooler temperatures, pansies bloom best when cold weather becomes more consistent.

If that isn’t enough motivation to keep the growth going, these flower varieties will! Depending on your growing zone, August can be the optimal time to start planting for spring blooms. Place these beauties where you want them, then sit back and relax until spring! With a little work in August, you can start the following growing season ahead of schedule.

Wondering how you can keep growing flowers all through August? Take advantage of the month to extend your flower growing season well into winter.

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