Brush clearing makes for a welcome change

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Landscape Re-Do 2018 is in full swing! It’s amazing what a few days of nice weather can do. Chris and the girls spent a lot of time cleaning up all the overgrown brush along one of our property lines. Seeing it opened up makes my heart skip a beat. The view of the neighboring property is amazing. Also, having access to a shaded area for those really hot days is even better!

Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
Pile of brush with uncleared space in the background
Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
The brush has been cleared, but it’s still in need of some raking
Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
A section that has been raked. The field in the background is such a nice view! This new area feels like a park.

While the brush clearing was going on, I spent a day pruning and cleaning up a group of birch trees that the girls had called their own a few weeks back. Projects keep getting ticked off the never-ending list, which feels good momentarily until the rush of “OMG, theirs so much to do!!!” comes flooding back.

Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
Birch trees/future fairy garden were in need of some love!!
Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
Birches are pruned and checked off the list. The piles to be shredded and chipped on the other hand…

We’re still very much in a staging phase while we wait to get the big projects going. Digging up sod for the garden, taking out an enormously ugly bush, removing a tree stump, re-doing steps that are unsafe… the list goes on! Every day that there is progress is a good day for me.

This past weekend was also moving day for the little chickens. They outgrew their brooder and the weather finally cooperated so out they went! The big girls weren’t (and still aren’t) digging the new roommates. If you’ve never experienced the personalities of chickens, hearing one running around and squawking in protest will make it impossible not to love them!

Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
Moving day!
Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
The littles checking out their new home
Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
Even mealworms wouldn’t make these girls check the littles out
Brush clearing makes for a welcome change
The boss took a break from laying to check out her new roommates

A bunch of greenhouses is opening within the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share what I find. The goal for this growing season is to be intentional with what we grow and where. Subscribe to the newsletter for some behind-the-scenes action and weekly updates on our progress.

Landscape Re-Do 2018

2 thoughts on “Brush clearing makes for a welcome change

  1. Wow! What a difference after you cleared out the brush! I LOVE when you can finally start to see everything come together the way you’ve envisioned in your mind! Your chickies are so cute! We always do January chicks so that they are ready to lay by summer and we don’t have to deal with chicks along with the work of planting/growing season – but when I see all these cute little Spring chicks, I get so tempted!

    Can’t wait to see more!

    1. I wasn’t sure how I felt about tackling that part of our property first but I’m so glad we did! That’s the only place with natural shade and I’m really looking forward to watching to girls explore on some hot days!

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