Fall blooming cutting garden: add these flower varieties for lasting color

Just when you think summer is over, fall flowers have a different story to tell. Some varieties can be succession planted for a full three seasons of colorful blooms while others grow all summer only to bloom in the fall. You can get the most from your fall-cutting garden by planting a mixture of late-season flower varieties.

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Why are some varieties a better choice for a fall-cutting garden?

The best varieties for a fall-cutting garden are ones that survive through cool temperatures. This is known as a hardy annual. While hardy annuals will continue to bloom throughout fall, they die once a hard frost occurs. Perennials are also a good option for their long-term investment. Once perennials experience a hard frost, they go dormant until temperatures rise again in the spring.

How do I choose what to grow?

If you’re new to a cutting garden or are looking to expand your collection, the varieties listed below will give you a good baseline. These fall earthy-toned flowers blend well with brighter and more vibrant varieties.

Looking for more inspiration?

Need some help getting started?

Our flower bed planning process is broken down in another post. Still not sure where to start? Shoot us an email and we’ll be glad to answer any questions!

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Add these flower varieties to your cutting garden for long-lasting color this fall
Just when you think summer is over, fall flowers have a different story to tell. Get the most from your fall cutting garden by planting these varieties.

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