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It may be surprising the learn that I’m still new to the world of growing things. Although I have a degree in Environmental Science, I’m much more comfortable with wildlife and ecosystem interpretations and manipulations. Keeping plants alive from seed has never been my strong point. That being said, I am determined to learn all there is to know and become one awesome plant lady!

Over the last few years, I’ve been learning different techniques and implementing what I’ve learned. I’ve also focused on how to improve for the following year. I guess that’s how we all learn but to me, it’s an exciting adventure!

I’m fascinated with herbs, flowers, and other plants for their ability to adapt to and improve our surroundings. I’m also intrigued by how beneficial they are to our health and nutrition. Everything revolves around plants and their proper placement in our surroundings.

I have more than a fair share of food and environmental allergies so it’s become more important to learn natural ways of living. Last spring I came upon a book at Tractor Supply and read it front to back in less than a week.

It was fascinating reading all the things people use plants for! To be honest, some seem to be far-fetched but others are intriguing to try.

home remedies

There is even two pages dedication to natural infant remedies that I can attest to being effective.

Before our youngest daughter was born, I spent several weeks researching and planning our vegetable garden so that we could have the highest yield with a minimal amount of work. Sadly, some companions were not planted correctly and all of our lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli didn’t grow. Rather than ignoring my mistake, I decided to dive further into companion planting to help our veggies grow but to also implement some natural pest management. I’m a visual learner and do better with physical books rather than video and audio.

go-to books
My current go-to books

I looked into some options and decided to purchase an older but on-point book titled Carrots Love Tomatoes & Roses Love Garlic.

carrots love tomatoes and roses love garlic

Life continues to be a bit crazy but I am all about reading this book start to finish before all this snow melts and garden prep begins. We have to completely de-sod and till a new plot. Once the weather improves and the new projects begin, I’ll have little downtime to finish this book.

companion planting
Told you all I’m a visual learner! Highlighting the important keywords make comprehending and implementing companion gardening much easier!

Last year I also failed horribly at starting seeds inside rather than planting them directly. In our defense, we were living in a very small house and didn’t have the space to devote to our over-ambitious goal. I scaled it back this year and tried starting some perennials. Thanks to Pinterest (which again, is life!), I decided to attempt an easy in-door greenhouse by planting seeds in soil-filled egg cartons and placing them in clear plastic totes. Fingers crossed I cracked the code! If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Seed starting
I have an overabundance of seeds for the perennials we are attempting to start so I felt it was worth giving this a try!

Although it’s technically spring, it’s definitely not outside! I needed this time with my books and dirt to pretend the snow isn’t there. I’m anxiously awaiting warmer weather, dirt on my hands, and nights out by the fire.

Spring Growing Preparations

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