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Life has decided to speed up yet slow down at the same time. The larger projects we’ve been working on have slowed down and given us a moment to breathe and reset before spring comes and more work begins. We made progress in the dining room and living room by moving the chandelier above our dining room table, painting the ceiling, and painting all the walls.

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We will be installing wainscotting when the funds and timing are available, but in the meantime, our walls look a bit frenzied. Rather than painting all the way to the bottom of each wall, we left the bottoms as they were seeing as it will be covered. That means we currently have 3 different wall colors at the same time! Pictures of our home will be limited until those rooms are complete. I have a ridiculous inability to relax when tasks are not complete. Don’t judge!

The downtime from our larger projects has allowed us to complete our rabbit’s forever home and I’m so excited to share it! If you don’t remember our preview of our plans, take a minute and read the post about it here.

We started with a corner entertainment stand that needed some modifications:

Rabbit Hutch: Complete

After some battles with how to lock the cabinets, our Oreo was finally settled into her new home.

Rabbit Hutch: Complete
I was unable to crop out the two-toned walls. I will jump with joy when we finish this room!

We realized that one of the hinges was broken on one of the cabinet doors so we ended up removing and replacing them will more decorative hinges. I’m still unsure if I want to keep the current door pulls and paint them black or purchase new ones. Decisions, decisions!

Our greatest obstacle was figuring out how to keep the doors locked. Bolt and slide locks weren’t compatible with the design of the doors so we had to get creative! Chris presented the idea to me of using magnetic child safety locks and after researching other options, it was determined to be the best option. The best part is that the lock isn’t visible and allows the cabinet to retain some of its charm.

We purchased these from The Home Depot for about $30 but they can also be found on Amazon for about $20 if waiting isn’t an issue.

We are all officially ‘moved in’ and settled, just in time for spring preparations to begin!

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