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It’s been a few weeks since our new chicken coop was completed but I’m still just as excited to share its first stage finish. It was a time-sensitive project that was completed just days before we began to get snow. I wish I could take credit for its construction, but I can’t! My other half, Chris, spent many hours out in the cold making a vision a reality!

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It all started with an image I found on Pinterest and the rest kind of developed from there. Back in October, I had lucked out and found an ad on craigslist for a company wanting to get rid of hundreds of pallets. We took advantage and ended up with a trailer full of homestead building gold.

Chicken coop phase one

From there, Chris and I discussed the needs of the coop, how big it should be, and what changes would need to be done in the spring. That led to a bigger building than we expected due to plans of building an internal wall so we can house goats in the same structure… because we’re getting goats!!

The overall structure wasn’t overly complicated but did take some creativity to figure out the puzzle of pallets.

Chicken coop phase one
The back wall was up and the floor was leveled, giving us a better idea of where we were going and what changes could be made.
Chicken coop phase one
A closer look at the back wall and how the pallets fit together

The more difficult part of the build was figuring out how to frame the door and where it made the most sense. Once that was decided, Chris got to put it all together.

Chicken coop phase one

From there the outside was covered with primed exterior wall panels, the roof was covered with galvanized corrugated roof sheeting, the interior was insulated, and paneling covered that on the inside. These birds have it made!

Chicken coop phase one
All closed up and prepared for the cold and snow

In the spring, we plan on finishing off the corners, adding in at least one window, and adding a chicken door giving the birds access to an enclosed run. The coyotes and hawks around here are in abundance and my fear is that the chickens will be put in danger if left to be completely free range. After all the changes, the coop will be painted and solar lighting will be added. It’s a project I can’t wait to see in completion!

Chicken coop phase one
The corners will have 2×4’s added to give it a more finished look while also closing off holes that the paneling didn’t quite cover. Pallets are far from straight! This side will also be the one with a chicken door and an enclosure attached when the ground thaws.

The inside of this coop is a dream. I told Chris what kind of nesting boxes I wanted but he took it to a whole different level!

Chicken coop phase one
Easiest nesting boxes ever! We used buckets from The Home Depot and cut lids in half. Easy!
Chicken coop phase one
Chris built the ladder/perch and I couldn’t have been more excited and surprised when I saw what he created.

Although our coop will not look like the one I used for inspiration, the color, and solar lights will. Their’s just something about the color that makes my heart beat a little faster. I can’t wait to see it painted black and lit up at night. Only 5 months of waiting…

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