Pinterest Pass or Fail: Crock-pot Baked Apples

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Yesterday we had our first taste of winter. A light dusting of snow that made me want to cry more than rejoice. I know, I know. Thanksgiving is only 2 days away and it’s usually a winter wonderland by now. With all that being said, I’ve got warm apple pie on my mind. If only I had some of those crock-pot baked apples I made…

Every once in a while I find something on Pinterest that I dare to try. Sometimes it works, other times I wonder if I’m the only person to fail at an attempted pin. This one particular pin turned out to be just so amazing that I had to share.

We had an over-abundance of apples from our apple picking adventure and I needed something that could easily be done with them that wouldn’t require a whole lot of hovering on my part. Enter: my crock-pot.  The initial recipe called for 6 apples so I decided to double the amount in order to make the most of what I had. An hour and a dozen apples later and the crockpot was full.

I added all the spices and set the timer for 6 hours but ended up turning it off after about 5 hours due to the apples becoming a little softer than I would have liked.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, white sugar, and cornstarch´╗┐

A dozen apples seemed like a lot but after it all cooked down, it wasn’t nearly enough.

The only downside to this recipe is that it does NOT freeze well. We had a momentary lapse in judgment and decided to freeze some for a later date. After realizing it would all be consumed by the end of the weekend, it was pulled from the freezer and placed in the refrigerator to thaw. Sadly, the syrup-like mixture began to separate and the apples became overly soft.

At the end of the day, we had a warm and comforting dessert that may just become a new fall must.

Pinterest pass or fail: Crockpot Apples
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