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As a follow up to a previous post, I’m excited to say we were gifted with an entertainment center that we will be modifying into our rabbit hutch. My dad, not knowing we were looking, mentioned having access to this cabinet and we jumped at it immediately.

Rabbit Hutch

I must say this thing is HUGE! So huge that we are planning on cutting the top off and moving it down to get rid of the open and useless space which should drop the height down almost 6 inches.

The cabinet had such a rough ride that the back pieces either need to be replaced or reinforced in order to ensure Miss Oreo doesn’t escape.

Rabbit Hutch
The top is going to be moved to where the shelf is, removing unneeded space and reducing the overall height. The other 2 sides need panels added or reinforced to match.

Inside there are two shelving systems that will be removed to give the rabbit more space.

Finally, the center of the door panels will be cut out and replaced with chicken wire to give the rabbit a view and an area to attach her water.

Rabbit Hutch

This project may not be completed until after Christmas due to other, more pressing projects being completed (…chicken coop…). But that’s for another day!

For more on the inspiration for this project, read this past post.

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