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Last Christmas season I happened to come across a post on Pinterest that showed a tree with an upside down galvanized tub around the base. Immediately I got excited because it was just what our rustic styled tree needed to be complete! Without knowing there were actual products available to achieve this goal, we promptly went to our local Tractor Supply and bought a 28 gallon galvanized metal tub. The bottom was cut out with tin snips and placed over the tree stand. It was heavenly!

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Christmas Tree Collars
This years’ Christmas Tree, collar and all!

Fast forward to a few days ago and what did my little eyes see in an emailed newsletter from Apartment Therapy? An article all about tree collars! To my surprise, there are some fancy versions out there that achieve the same aesthetic as our DIY version.

Here are a few of my favorites that cost a fraction of those in the article:

Christmas Tree Collars
Santa Wicker Tree Collar

If you’re just as trendy, comment with a picture of your tree!

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